My name is Bill Dean. My wife and I have lived in Monson for 34 years. I am an amateur photographer. I have been studying local eagles for over 10 years. For the past several years I have worked in the field with Chris Martin (head of New Hampshire Eagle progam) on a few occasions and I keep him informed on nests in New Hampshire & Vermont.My Eagle watching was cut short this year due to vehicle problems in late July, son's wedding in early August, and then late August I had a knee replacement, and two more knee revisions in October and November. I will be back to work in February 2019 and then get back to the observing the Eagles just in time for nesting preparations. I can think of nothing better than sitting on the edge of a Quabbin shoreline anticipating the flight of an Eagle. Breathe man breathe.(updated 1-7-2019 )